Things to consider before getting a new concrete patio

What to Consider When Installing a Concrete Patio

At Solid Concrete Contractors Las Vegas, we know that with warmer temperatures right around the corner, installing a new concrete patio may be on your mind. A new patio gives you an inviting space to kick back, relax and entertain.

Not to mention, a new patio also increases the value of your home. However, installing a new concrete patio is an investment. As such, there are a few things you must take into consideration first.

Here’s what you need to know before installing a patio.


The cost of installing a new patio depends on a few factors such as what size and location. Preparation have to be taken into account, like grading for example. Factors like this will affect the cost as well. Most ordinary concrete patios that measure exactly or below 200-square feet may cost under $1,000 to install. However, it’s important to keep in mind that there inspection fees and permit costs to consider as well.


Patios can serve a number of purposes, however, it all depends on what you plan on doing with it. There are also other factors to take into consideration as well such as the size of your house, the amount of space you need and the design of the patio.

Here are three of the most common patio designs to choose from:

  • Sundeck Patio – Sundecks give you a comfortable area to take a breather while soaking in the sun. The standard sundeck patio is able to hold at least two to four chairs, which can take up two to six feet. Furthermore, you’re going to need about three extra feet for a walkway.
  • Outdoor Dining Patio – For those who like to cook outside, consider going for an outdoor dining patio. A typical outdoor dining patio can measure up to 12 to 14 feet. This patio allows you to place a round table as big as 48 inches. Keep in mind to leave enough space open to be able to walk around.
  • Living Room Patio – A living room patio requires the most amount of space to move. As the name implies, it’s an outdoor living room. You can add outdoor couches, a fireplace, side tables and a number of chairs. The living room patio is one of the biggest patios to date, ranging up to 16 to 18 feet.

DIY or Hire a Professional?

This is a question that many homeowners ask themselves. A lot of people looking to install a concrete patio often to do it themselves in order to save money. In some cases, this can seem like a great way to cut costs. However, this is only true for people who know how to mix and pour the concrete.

For those who have yet to do a project like this, installing a concrete patio may no be the best project to get your feet wet. It takes a lot of experience and knowledge, so hiring an expert installer may be the better choice.

Installing a concrete patio just in time for spring and summer is exciting. However, it does take careful planning before you ultimately finalize plans. Whether you want to maximize outdoor space or add liveable square footage to your home, installing a concrete patio with our concrete contractors may be the right choice for you.